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Basketball court chair

Basketball court chair



Foldable balls cage Basketball court chair are cushioned with high density polyurethane amalgamated 2.5″ thick. Covered with 30oz vinyl. The chart is limited to a size of 14″ wide x 15″ high. Backs of the chairs are cushioned ethylene foam 1″ thick. Covered with 30oz vinyl. Graphic or team name printed in two colors maximum size of 5″ high x 13″ wide. Printed on the front and on the seat are included in the price. The legs of the chairs are covered with rubber tip that does not mark the gym floors. The frame of the chair legs is made of steel 7/8″ and a gauge resistance 18 and painted jet of powder. The seat of gauge 16 and gauge 12. Hardware choice of color for the reinforcement and vinyl. Detailed specifications of foldable balls cage High density 30oz Vinyl Material: Polyurethane Dimension: 14″ wide x 15″ high and 2.5″ thick This product is available in our inventory. The delivery will be completed in the next 5-15 open days following the payment of the order. Couleur Chaise: Rouge, Violet, Marine, Royal, Vert, Blanc, Noir, Argent, Marron; Couleur Vinyl: Noir, Rouge, Blanc, ForĂȘt, Orange, Lime, Marron, Gris, Marine, Royal, Violet


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