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Full Blocking Dummy

Full Blocking Dummy



Full Blocking Dummy Blocking dummy full cylinder is the preferred protection for tackling, agility, shoulder hit drills and exercise purposes. Round cushion with handle for soccer block practice. Particularly appreciated during kick and combination training in martial arts. 14 Inches diameter x 46″ or 52″ long. Made of high-density foam and come with color choice. Detailed specifications of full blocking dummy Protection for tackling Round cushion with handle Dimension: 14 Inches diameter x 46″ or 52″ long Choice of Color Material: foam This product is available in our inventory. The delivery will be completed in the next 5-15 open days following the payment of the order. Grandeur: 14” dia x 52”, 14” dia x 46”; Couleur: Jaune, Noir, Bleu, Rouge, Vert


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