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Hockey shot training board

Hockey shot training board



Hockey shot training board Best and only available hockey shot training board on the market. This board will help your kids have the fastest / strongest shot in the team. It’s a well-kept secret which won’t last long. Kids and young adults practice their hockey shots up to 60 shots a minute. It’s been tested by NHL players and some have bought the board to practice inside as it doesn’t damage anything. Hockey teams, minor leagues, and pros are improving their snapshots with this board. It’s a complete exercise that will help your kid score more goals. What the benefits are? Increase shot strength and speed at goal (reach 100 km/h shot) Shot faster and surprise other team’s goalies Improve your cardio with 60 shots a minute Easily train daily at home, doesn’t damage the garage door You can practice any hockey shots Snapshot Wrist shot Backhand shot Faceoff position and readiness What are the detailed specifications of this training hockey shot board? 4 strength bands included in the package which allows for different training intensity (3, 5, 8 and 10 pounds) Dimension Open: 72” X 11” X 2,25” Folded : 36” X 11” X 4,50” Length of the opening where the puck slides: 48” Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Weight: 25 pounds Made in Canada


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