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Multi-use sports floor system

Multi-use sports floor system



Multi-use sports floor system Modular multi-use sports floor systems can be installed anywhere on earth, asphalt, lawn, garage, etc. It provides a clean, even and solid surface for practicing the majority of sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, dek hockey and even playing surfaces for a daycare center. Detailed specifications of multi-use sports floor system Dek hockey floor Volleyball floor Dimension: 12″(30.5cm) x 12″ (30.5cm) x 0.4″(1.42cm) Material: Plastic (polypropylene) Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow This product is available in our inventory. The delivery will be completed in the next 5-15 open days following the payment of the order. Couleur: Bleu, Vert, Jaune, Rouge; Surface: Quadrillé lisse, Quadrillé texturé 003, Quadrillé texturé 008


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