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NBA replica basketball hoop

NBA replica basketball hoop



Nba replica basketball hoop Nba replica basketball hoops offer players the opportunity to feel like they’re in the big league. They are perfect for educational institutions, outdoor sports fields, camping, sports complexes and for enthusiasts at home. It offers the possibility of folding it, rolling it up and storing it in your warehouse, garage or gymnasium. Offer them commercial high-end. Detailed specifications of nba replica basketball hoop Height adjustable from 2.30m to 3.05m (7.5″ to 10″) Ring diameter 45cm (18″) Resistant 10mm acrylic panel Dimension: size 180cm x 105cm (72″ x 42″) This product is available in our inventory. The delivery will be completed in the next 5-15 open days following the payment of the order.


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