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Outdoor hockey rink boards

Outdoor hockey rink boards



Outdoor hockey rink boards Our outdoor hockey rink boards are perfect for a multi-sport facility. You can add synthetic ice 365 days to play hockey both summer and winter, add a DEK Hockey tile floor or simply turn the surface into several pickleball or basketball courts in the summer. Detailed Specifications of Outdoor Hockey Rink Boards Made of galvanized steel for outdoor use Top plates and kick plates made of plastic (HDPE) Solid installation with steel structure and sturdy 5mm brackets The set includes all of the following parts Two doors for the team players’ bench A door for the referee A 48 “wide door for machinery 79 “x 48” (2m x 1.2m) white strips Blue band top (top plate) 79 “x 2” (2m x 6cm) Yellow strip bottom (kick plate) 79 “x 7.5″ (2m x 19cm) Steel structure 2.5mm thick (50cm x 25cm) Steel structure support (feet) 2.5mm thick column (40cm x 40cm) Column foot 5mm thick (30cm x 30cm) Different sizes are available as standard for your installations (100′ x 50′, 60’x 30′ or 20′ x 10′) or even according to your requirements on demand. Request a quote today. We are able to deliver your full ice rink in 6 weeks. Do not include the lines, the goals, the nets, players benches and the floor. The shipping cost will be adjusted according to the destination once the order is confirmed. Grandeur: 20′ x 10′ x 42″, 30′ x 60′ x 48″, 50′ x 100′ x 48″, Longueur + Largeur (48″), Longueur + Largeur (42”)


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