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Pro Hockey Goal Frame

Pro Hockey Goal Frame



Pro hockey goal frame Standard frame size 4″ high x 6″ wide x 34”, 40” or 44″ deep. Powder painted to resist inside as well as outside condition. Shipping weight: 200 lbs per pair. Uprights and cross bars made from 2″ id (2 3/8 “od) steel pipe.price per unit. Detailed specifications of pro hockey goal frame Price per unit 2 “ID (2 3/8″ OD) Weight: 200 lbs per pair Material: Steel Dimension: size 4″ high x 6″ wide x 34”, 40” or 44″ deep This product is available in our inventory. The delivery will be completed in the next 5-15 open days following the payment of the order. Profondeur: 34″, 40″, 44″


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